The Cellissimo Academy Masterclasses will be held this autumn for the very first time between 22nd October and 29th October 2020. The Masterclasses takes place in Budapest, a stunning city with a rich architectural and historical heritage. The master class is open to musicians of all ages and nationalities. I hope to offer much inspiration to our artists, students, and concertgoers with this new initiative. It has been a dream of mine to create a platform to make music together with young talented musicians from all over the world and to build new and lasting friendships. Musical education around the world focuses almost exclusively on technique and virtuosity. By exploring the philosophical, poetic, religious and social settings of individual compositions, the CELLISSIMO Academy strives to encourage the kind of musical performance in which the technique becomes the servant of imagination, of distilled emotion, and of concepts of order.

Musically yours,
Peter Szabo, Founder and Artistic Director


CELLISSIMO Academy Masterclasses, Budapest

Course location: Leó Weiner Catholic School and High School of Music
Address: 1112 Budapest, Menyecske u. 2.

Students enrolled in the CELLISSIMO Academy Budapest Mastersclasses can receive five private lessons from internationally renowned musicians and play concerts with their colleagues and professors. All this at a reasonable price with extra courses.

Recommended minimum age: 15 years.

Active participants of the Masterclasses can participate in chamber ensembles based on judgments of the submitted biographies, compiled and conducted by an artist teaching at the CELLISSIMO Academy, and have the opportunity to perform solo pieces at the CELLISSIMO Academy Concerts and enjoy free admission to the concerts at the Academy.